Cantel Runner - Green & Blue
Cantel Runner - Green & Blue
Cantel Runner - Green & Blue

Cantel Runner - Green & Blue

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This style of weaving is from Cantel, Guatemala and hasn't been made since the 1990's. After obsessing over our vintage pieces from there for many years, we are excited to say that we have found both the right artisans to work with as well as the correct weaving materials, we are able to bring back this virtually extinct weaving style from the grave.

Bold colors and lines of hand dyed ikat (jaspe) are integral to this design, as well as the untreated natural cotton in vibrant colors. The final result is almost indistinguishable from its vintage counterpart.

Please note: this item is hand-dyed and handwoven, and will have imperfections that make it all the more unique and beautiful. 

Ethically made by footloom weavers in Tonicapan Guatemala. 

100% Cotton. 

Hand wash cold, lay flat or line dry. 

75" x 15.5" including fringe.

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